Women are Earlier Adopters of Sound

Women are Earlier Adopters of Sound

by | Aug 18, 2022 | Hearing Health

Hearing Health

18 August 2022

Studies on hearing loss say that women place an enormous amount of importance on communication. Most relationships rely on good communication to lend strength to understanding one another, experiencing empathy, and feeling socially connected.

It follows that when women experience hearing loss, they are more likely to seek out help at an early stage in the condition. Early intervention with hearing loss is important for everyone. Identifying the cause of hearing loss can lead to medical or rehabilitative solutions that may halt or slow down the progression of loss. Moreover, because the brain’s ability to recognize acoustic patterns deteriorates in the presence of hearing loss, doing something about one’s hearing problem preserves central skills much more effectively than intervening at a later stage.

A common myth about hearing loss is that one should wait until the problem causes a person not to cope in all environments. However, all professional audiologists consistently advise that hearing loss should be managed as early as possible. Women have it right – act early, and maintain your connection to your world, which will result in a better long-term outcome for your brain.

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