Why would hearing loss affect how we feel about ourselves and others?

Why would hearing loss affect how we feel about ourselves and others?

by | Oct 10, 2022 | Hearing Health, Tips

Hearing Health | Tips

10 October 2022

Hearing loss can begin to isolate us from relationships with others. Because hearing loss makes interactions with others more difficult, we tend to withdraw or feel irritable or frustrated when we are interacting with other people, even becoming upset or angry when others unintentionally or intentionally do not facilitate good communication with us.
Withdrawal from interaction leads to spending more time isolated and alone, and can lead to depression, reduction of independence, and fewer opportunities to enjoy special moments with people who make our lives feel full and happy.
Research demonstrates that people who have untreated hearing loss, experience significant poorer emotional lives, filled with more negative emotions about themselves and others.
Human relationships are extremely important to us. We are fundamentally social creatures and therefore the ability to choose to communicate more easily is a gift we give ourselves to that we can be in the moment with people we care about, living the best life that we can, even with hearing loss.
If you find yourself experiencing larger amounts of isolation, depression, or loneliness, reach out to an Audiologist who can help you regain and reconnect you with your family and friends, as well ensuring that you life your best life every day.

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