Why Should I Join?

As Audiologists, we bring enormous value to our patients because we are experts in the field of hearing and balance, communication, brain health, healthy ageing and navigating our environments. Our unique contribution to our patients is our ability to improve quality of life in a cost-effective manner using all the tools available to us and ensuring that our patients have a choice in the management of their hearing healthcare. We also value our independence. All of us have worked hard to create our names, our reputations and our brands.

But we, like our audiology colleagues in independent practice around the world, are uncertain about what the future holds for our profession, our practices and our careers. As in other parts of the world, big retailers are entering our markets with a nationally recognised footprint and we want to ensure that we are also able to offer what they offer in addition to our personalised, patient-centred, care. Managed healthcare, NHI and over-the-counter hearing aids also all represent challenges.

The future of our profession may be very different from the way we currently see it. Our environment is already changing, and we need to be part of that change...

We want ALL OF US to Connect

Shared Knowledge

Countrywide Referrals

High Standards of Audiological Care

National Marketing

Sense of Community

Who can become a member?

ANY and EVERY audiologist in South Africa is welcome who:

Owns an autonomous, independent audiology practice.

Is registered with the HPCSA and BHF

Is a member of any recognized, professional audiology body.

Is VAT registered where legally required

Upholds the Reconnect Network Code of Principles and Protocols.

Has the required audiological equipment designed to perform certain essential services.