Central Auditory Processing Disorders

Central Auditory Processing Disorders

Central Auditory Processing Disorders

Listening difficulties have multiple causes, which can be quantified. One area contributing to listening and listening difficulties, is auditory processing.

(Central) Auditory Processing or (C)AP is often described as “what the brain does with what the ear hears” and involves the pathway of sound from the ear to the pre-language areas of the brain. The brain must accurately decode what the ear tells it, to attach meaning to the sound.

A (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder or (C)APD is the inability to attend to, discriminate between, organize, recognize or understand aspects of the auditory signal that does not result from an impairment in hearing sensitivity or low cognitive functioning.
(C)APD is not limited to children and is in fact, more prevalent in adults.

Do I, or does my child have a (C)APD?

• Is there difficulty following verbal instructions?
• Is there a need for frequent repetition of verbal instructions?
• Is there difficulty hearing in background noise?
• Is there difficulty remaining attentive?
• Are you/your child easily distracted?
• Is there difficulty recalling information and taking notes?
• Is there difficulty following fast speakers or speakers with accents?
• Are there reading, spelling and writing difficulties?
• Does there appear to be a hearing loss even though a hearing assessment has shown normal hearing sensitivity?
• Is there sensitivity to, or a sense of being overwhelmed by too many sound sources (such as at a party, or in a shopping mall)?

If the answer is YES to some of these questions, Reconnect Audiologists and Acousticians recommend a (C)AP assessment to better understand your auditory information processing and provide intervention for improvement.  

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