Include your family

Include your family

by | Nov 14, 2022 | Hearing Health, Tips

Hearing Health | Tips

14 November 2022

Family and friends play a significant role in helping the communication process work more easily.

Going to your audiology appointment with your partner, child or friend can make a huge difference to how well you cope in the long run.

People without hearing loss really struggle to understand how hard listening can be when your hearing has changed – without education, it’s very hard for your family to know why you can hear sometimes but not others.

By coming with you to the appointment, your significant people have an opportunity to

– understand your hearing loss (through the explanation of the audiogram by the audiologist),

– understand the difficulties you encounter on a daily basis (such as trying to hear someone who walks away from you whilst talking)

– understand why this happens

– And understand the role they can play in helping the communication process be more effective.

Communication happens BETWEEN people – there are responsibilities from all parties involved. If you are doing your part by accepting hearing aids and wearing them as advised by your audiologist, your family can help the process by communicating effectively too!

Keep them included – it’s better for all involved!


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