I’m an Audiologist and I have Tinnitus

I’m an Audiologist and I have Tinnitus

by | Sep 14, 2020 | Hearing Health

Hearing Health

14 September 2020

About 4 months ago, my right ear started to quietly sing in the background. I have had occasional ringing in either ear before, but this was constant. I can’t identify the exact day that it began, but I can say that it was a “sudden onset”. At first, I ignored it, because I assumed it would go away. But it didn’t. In fact, it began to fluctuate and even get louder! Gradually, it began to annoy me. At the end of each day, I was irritated with it and snappy at my family. I couldn’t hear well either, because the incessant noise got in the way. I couldn’t fall asleep at night and I was tired and suffering from poorer concentration in the day.

People may say that there is nothing that can be done about tinnitus. This is a myth. A LOT can be done to help.

Firstly, tinnitus, should always be assessed by an audiologist. My hearing showed a slight drop in the conduction of sound at just one frequency on my right ear. Tinnitus and hearing loss go hand in hand, about 80% of the time. I had also had loads of stress and neck tension, so I received some physiotherapy. I checked my vitamin D and began a course of supplements. Lastly, I had my teeth checked, because when I’m stressed, I grind at night.

My tinnitus is better, but not gone. I am currently managing myself according to audiological best practice with sound management and relaxation techniques (and cold add cognitive behavioural therapy if necessary). Most importantly, I am working on my peace and acceptance of what is, rather than trying to find a single magic bullet. The most important management of tinnitus is to engage techniques that divert the focus of the conscious mind, on the tinnitus.

Many hearing aids come with feedback cancellation, but this doesn’t completely safeguard you from feedback.
A number of things can cause your hearing aids to whistle. Here are the most common reasons for feedback and how to resolve it.

Do you experience the symptom of tinnitus? Audiologists in our network can help you. We rule out any cause that needs further medical intervention, and provide you with supportive management techniques. Don’t give up, and don’t believe that nothing can be done. Contact one of our audiologists and get help.

Written by:
Natalie Buttress

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