Hearing Tips for parents with school kids

Hearing Tips for parents with school kids

by | Apr 6, 2023 | Hearing Health, Tips

Hearing Health | Tips

6 April 2023

As a parent, ensuring your child’s hearing health is crucial for their overall development. Here are some tips to help protect your child’s hearing and promote healthy listening habits, including scheduling regular hearing screenings, reducing exposure to loud noises, encouraging communication, and teaching safe listening habits.

Schedule regular hearing screenings: Hearing screenings can help detect any hearing problems early on, making it easier to address them before they become more serious. Regular screenings are especially important if there is a family history of hearing loss or if the child experienced complications at birth.

Reduce exposure to loud noises: Prolonged exposure to loud noises can damage a child’s hearing, so it’s important to protect their ears when they are exposed to loud sounds. This can include avoiding noisy environments, turning down the volume on electronic devices, and using earplugs or headphones when necessary.

Encourage communication: Encouraging communication with your child helps develop language and listening skills. Engage in conversation with your child, read to them, and play games that encourage listening and following directions.

Teach safe listening habits: Help your child develop safe listening habits, such as not turning up the volume too high on electronic devices and taking breaks from loud noises. Additionally, teach them to use hearing protection when necessary, such as when using power tools or attending loud events.

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