Don’t take your Hearing Journey Alone

Don’t take your Hearing Journey Alone

by | Sep 14, 2020 | Hearing Health

Hearing Health

14 September 2020

We may think that hearing is all about our ears, but in fact they simply serve as starting point to a much more complex processing system. They are the auditory information paths to our brains!

If this sounds familiar, we encourage you to bring your spouse or partner along to your hearing test. Communication is a two-way gift, and effort from both sides will establish communication success. The journey from normal hearing, to hearing loss and back tohearing well again, is different for everyone. Walking this journey with someone who cares makes it much easier.

Patient-centred audiologists understand that you need to partner with others in your process of rehabilitation. This is one of the reasons that an audiologist who centres management around you and your family, makes such a difference to your experience. Our audiologists believe in placing your hearing needs with your partner, family, friends, and daily environments at the centre of our guidance for your goals and management. We can bring an extra sense of support to you, as you improve your communication, together.

Written by:
Anne Budden

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