Communicating with a hearing impaired person

Communicating with a hearing impaired person

by | Nov 14, 2022 | Hearing Health, Tips

Hearing Health | Tips

14 November 2022

Communicating with a hearing impaired person can prove to be very challenging for both the speaker and the listener. Often when a person is wearing hearing aids, we may assume they are able to hear and communicate normally when this is not always the case.

When speaking to a person wearing hearing aids it is important that we are mindful of using strategies to make communication easier. Tips such as getting the listener’s attention before you start speaking, maintaining eye contact, keeping your hands away from your face, speaking normally and rephrasing rather than repeating sentences are a few of the strategies recommended.

For the listener, moving away from a noise source, being up front about your hearing loss and how a person may help you, making sure you can see the person’s face, understanding your limitations, being prepared for a conversation by, for example, obtaining meeting agendas and staying up to date on current events, and staying focussed can assist in making an engagement far less stressful.

Remember if you or a loved one are experiencing difficulties with your hearing, make an appointment with an audiologist.

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