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Our audiologists and acousticians are building a hearing healthcare community for all.

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Our network of Independent Audiologists and Acousticians provides affordable patient-centred care across the country.

Reconnect Audiology Network is a private group of independent audiologists and acousticians in South Africa, who believe that patient-centred hearing and balance healthcare must be designed around the unique needs of each individual. Our members pledge to operate with a Patient-First ideology, maintain ethical standards and apply ‘best clinical practices’, to ensure that your support from our practitioners is grounded in scientific evidence.

Our audiologists and acousticians also remain independent to safe-guard your autonomy or “right-to-choose”. We empower you with knowledge about your healthcare so that you can participate meaningfully in your health decisions.

Choosing a Reconnect Audiology Network practitioner means that wherever you are; and wherever you travel in South Africa, you can access a professional who believes in these concepts. Our commitment to your healthcare is so important, that we share our knowledge and skills with each other and advocate for affordable, high quality services for every patient.


What is the difference between an Audiologist and an Acoustician?

Audiologists hold Honours, Masters, or Doctoral degrees in hearing and balance healthcare from recognisable Universities. Audiology professionals are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and their scope of practice includes persons of all ages – from birth to mature life.

Audiologists are qualified to provide comprehensive assessments of hearing, diagnose the reason for, and extent of, hearing loss, and provide hearing technologies to assist and compensate for hearing loss. They are also qualified to assess the way sound is processed, from the ear all the way through to the primary and secondary auditory processing centres of the brain. Their field of management extends beyond the reduction of perception of sound, and includes the abnormal perception of sound, such as tinnitus (sounds that are present in the head that do not originate externally); misophonia (negative reactions to specific and annoying sounds that seem comfortable and non-irritative to others); and hyperacusis (hypersensitivity to all sound).

Audiologists are also skilled in the bedside and computerised assessment of dizziness. They are qualified to provide rehabilitation for certain types of balance disorders. An audiologist’s evaluation of dizziness can lead to direct rehabilitation by the audiologist or result in an informed referral to other rehabilitation specialists.

Audiologists work closely with Speech-Language therapists; Ear, Nose and Throat specialists; Neurologists; Endocrinologists; Physiotherapists; Occupational therapists; Optometrists; General Practitioners; and many other medical personnel, because the functions of hearing and balance are entwined with many other healthcare and developmental concerns of co-professionals.

Early intervention for any hearing, balance, or auditory-vestibular pathway disorder usually leads to the most positive potential for prevention, rehabilitation, independence, and quality of life.

A Hearing Aid Acoustician (HAA) is a hearing healthcare professional with a diploma in hearing healthcare who is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

The HAA’s scope of practice includes testing of hearing, and supplying and fitting of appropriate hearing aids for the rehabilitation of hearing loss. Their patients are limited to people over the age of 12 years.

HAAs may also supply assistive listening devices and provide support and advice on hearing-related products. Other services such as hearing protection devices, industrial screening testing and hearing aid repairs & servicing may also be provided.

The scope of an HAA encompasses improving the well-being of the hearing-impaired patient.

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