4 Tips for Easy Hearing Aid Care at Home

4 Tips for Easy Hearing Aid Care at Home

by | Sep 13, 2020 | Hearing Health

Hearing Health

13 September 2020

You count on your hearing aids every day to provide you with the hearing quality you have come to enjoy. Maintaining your hearing aid is essential for hearing as well as to ensure high hygiene standards. Proper daily use and cleaning will increase the life span of the hearing aid and ensure that it continues to perform optimally for you. We have put together four easy things you can do at home to keep your hearing aids in tip top shape:
1. Handle your hearing aids with care: Always hold them securely to avoid dropping them. When changing the batteries or cleaning them, set them on a soft surface such as a towel. This can help stop it being damaged if you knock or drop it by mistake. When they aren’t in use, store them in a safe place. They should never be kept in reach of children or animals.
2. Protect your hearing aids from moisture: Always store your hearing aids in a specialised hearing aid dehumidifier. While hearing aids are water-resistant, they’re not usually waterproof. When exposed to moisture it can cause serious damage. Always remove them when showering or swimming. Before you put your hearing aids in, make sure that your ears are dry. If they do come in contact with water, dry them immediately with a towel and store them into the dehumidifier. Never attempt to dry them with a hair drier or other heated device, since the high heat can damage them.
3. Keep the battery door open when not in use: Hearing aid batteries can cause damage to your devices if left in for a long time. The trapped moisture can cause the batteries to corrode and damage the devices. Remember to open the battery door when devices are not being used.
4. Keep devices free of earwax: It’s impossible to avoid having your devices come in contact with earwax. However, earwax is one of the leading causes of decreased performance in hearing aids. When removing your hearing aids from your ears, take a dry soft tissue and gently remove any earwax that may be visible on the device. Additionally, it is recommended that you replace the wax guard on the hearing device approximately once a month. This filter prevents wax from reaching the internal components.

Written by:
Natanya Lee Ruso (Berry) / Lara Toni Benigson

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