Reconnect Audiology Network provides access to marketing, training and procurement services available to a national network of independent, patient centred audiologists in private practice. We represent a collective identity for patients visiting any one of the Reconnect Audiology Network affiliated practices across country in order to encourage more patients to visit a Reconnect audiologist to receive similar ethical, patient-centred experience with high standards of audiological care.

My Motivation to Join

Nizha Ford (Lowveld Hearing Center), Reconnect Audiology Network Member

“I am so grateful for the individuals who have given up their time and put in all the effort to address our fears as Individual Independent Audiology practice owners.

There is so much fear surrounding the future of our esteemed profession, so to have a way forward that allows for growth, not only in market share but in connecting with like minded professionals with skills and knowledge to share, is incredibly encouraging.

I am officially a proud member of the Reconnect Audiology Network. A Network that needs every independent Audiologist to get on board to ensure success for us all!”.